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(Announced Thursday 8th November 2012)
A two-part programme which we filmed in 2009 is now available on our YouTube channel. We visited Crop and Stone circles in Avebury and other parts of Wiltshire, and interviewed experts Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor.

(Announced Sunday 11th September 2011)
Currently you can view our programmes on Controversial TV most mornings, and some evenings at various times between 7pm and 9pm. For broadcast times, please see our schedule page.

(Announced Monday 14th February 2011)
We are incredibly pleased to announce that Edge Media TV has returned to Sky channel 200 ! The Edge Media team battled tirelessly against the odds to get the channel back on air and were successful in recommencing broadcasts today. Currently you can see our programmes on Edge Media TV daily at; 6am, 7pm and 9pm.

(Announced Wednesday 22nd September 2010)
Our latest interview is now online, we talk with Piers Corbyn - meteorologist and climate predictor - about sunspot activity, climate change, green politics, haarp, chemtrails, and much more. This will be on the website shortly, but is also available at our YouTube channel.

(Announced Thursday 10th June 2010)
Edge Media rescue - www.edgemediarescue.co.uk. Please help to spread the word and keep the UK's only independent media TV channel going. If you can't afford to donate funds then you can still help and contribute to its survival by sharing the link and information about Edge Media.

(Announced Wednesday 9th June 2010)
There will be a special 'On The Edge' show on Thursday 10th June at 8pm, on EMTV Sky 200. Tune in to see Theo and his guest Jim Corr, and to find out more about the rescue plan for EMTV/Controversial TV.

(Announced Sunday 30th May 2010)
This weekend is the annual "Beltane Bash" organized by our friend and interviewee Jeanette Ellis. Its taking place over Sunday and Monday at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London. For more information see www.paganfestivals.com.

(Announced Monday 3rd May 2010)
Holistic Day at St Mary's Church,St Mary's Rd,Springbourne,Bournemouth, 9th May 2010 12:00-18:00. Speakers include Crichton E M Miller, Beverley Frost, Robert Bauval, and many more. £4 on the door, proceeds go to Boscombe Community Fair.

(Announced Saturday 1st May 2010)
On 15th/16th May, the Essex Secret Nuclear Bunker - where we filmed our popular documentary with Mike Parrish - are holding their annual Bunker Bash living history festival. See http://www.bunkerbash.co.uk for more information.

(Announced Monday 22nd March 2010)
New interviews in the current Controversial TV/EMTV rotation - Fiona Murray talking about elemental spirits and Nature's Guardians; Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from The Venus Project.

(Announced Saturday 27th February 2010)
Last night the Eerie team attended a fascinating lecture by Todd Routt on Out of Body projection. We hope to do some filming with Todd soon, however he also runs courses and workshops which teach how to; Lucid Dream, have Out of Body Experiences, and control them. For more information see www.journeyoftruth.co.uk.

(Announced Thursday 11th February 2010)
Look for more videos in our EMTV (Sky Channel 200) rotation soon, including; Ian Lawton talking about Reincarnation and the Interlife; Richard Lawrence on Prayer Energy, and more.

(Announced Sunday 17th January 2010)
Our previous interviewee and good friend Karen French is doing a short talk on Sacred Geometry, and a signing of her book Gateway to the Heavens. It will be at The Big Green Book Shop, Wood Green, N22 6BG on Thursday 28th January, 7pm to 9pm.

(Announced Thursday 7th January 2010)
With EMTV's return to fuller broadcasting hours, you can now see us on Sky Channel 200 most days of the week. Look at our schedule page for more information on dates, times, and subjects.

(Announced Wednesday 6th January 2010)
Mark Ballabon's next "A philosopher's cafe". be will held on Saturday 16th January, at The Centre, Bath Place, Barnet, EN5 5XE. Doors open at 7pm for 7.30pm start, entrance £5. The theme for this third event is "Beginning a new vision, a new phase, a personal religion."

(Announced Wednesday 25th November 2009)
Mark Ballabon, author of "Why is the Human on Earth" is hosting an event on Sunday December 6th, "A philosopher's cafe - What does it really mean to CHANGE?". 2pm start at The Centre, Bath Place, Barnet, EN5 5XE. Doors open at 1pm, entrance £5.

(Announced Tuesday 24th November 2009)
Christopher Martin is Theo Chalmers special guest on On The Edge, tonight at 8pm on Controversial TV, Sky 200. In the one hour show, Chris will be talking about his years of research on the subject of Ufology and abductions, and his book "Intruders in the Night"

(Announced Monday 23rd November 2009)
A Spanish translation of our interview with Jacque and Roxanne of The Venus Project is now available online.

(Announced Friday 20th November 2009)
Our interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project is now available to watch online, look for it in the Edge Media TV programme schedule soon.

(Announced Wednesday 18th November 2009)
Chris Martin's book "Intruders in the Night" is available for purchase through RTV Media Productions. In the book, which is introduced by Nick Pope, Chris documents his research and experiences within the field of Ufology.

(Announced Sunday 15th November 2009)
DVDs of some programmes are available for purchase on our shop page.

(Announced Tuesday 10th November 2009)
Controversial TV, Sky 200, are now screening our work twice per day many days of the week. Interviews in the current rotation include; Peter Joseph (director of Zeitgeist), Terry Le Riche Walters (Ufology), Roy Lake (Ufology), Andre Price (Ripperologist), Mark Ballabon (Philosophy), and many more... Look out for us in the mornings (between 6 and 8am), lunchtime (between noon and 2pm), or evenings (between 5 and 7pm). Exact times can be seen here.

(Announced Friday 16th October 2009)
Mark Ballabon, whom we interviewed at the launch of his popular book "Why is the Human on Earth?" is running a Forum/Workshop event called "A Vision of the Future" at The Centre, Barnet, Sunday November 1st at 2pm. Waterstones will be selling signed copies of the book and doing a new launch of two original notebooks designed by artist Viv Mullett. There will be live music from The Mosaic Orchestra, and the Center's organic cafe will be open. Entrance is £7 on the door.

(Announced Thursday 24th September 2009)
'The Life of Water', with Rohan Bedford, is now in the Controversial TV rotation.

(Announced Wednesday 23rd September 2009)
There are still some tickets remaining for the second of the Venus Project London lectures, see for booking information. The Eerie team will be filming there, and interviewing Jacque and Roxanne.

(Announced Tuesday 15th September 2009)
We've finished our programme on the launch of the Butterfly World eco-project, including interviews with Sir David Bellamy and Emilia Fox. Look out for it on Controversial TV soon ...

(Announced Sunday 13th September 2009)
Our world-exclusive second interview with Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement is first-aired on Controversial TV, Sky 200, this evening. Its also available to view on this site and on our YouTube channel.

(Announced Friday 21st August 2009)
Eerie's good friend Mark Windows is currently touring with his one-man Glamtastic Rock Show, please check out the video and spread the word!

(Announced Friday 14th August 2009)
Today we filmed some of the 2009-season crop circles and interviewed crop circle and dowsing experts Busty Taylor and Maria Wheatley.

(Announced Wednesday 12th August 2009)
Our second interview with Peter Joseph, director of Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum, and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, is now available online - on our Programmes page and our YouTube channel.

(Announced Tuesday 11th August 2009)
A site-search facility is now available, use the box on the bottom-left of all pages.

(Announced Monday 10th August 2009)
New programmes coming soon. Rohan Bedford on water/energy, Butterfly World, and more ...

(Announced Saturday 8th August 2009)
We are organising an experiment, 'World Contact Day 2009' - please see here for more information.

(Announced Thursday 30th July 2009)
The new trailer for our series is available online, see the video page or YouTube.

(Announced Thursday 30th July 2009)
Last weekend we filmed the Peter Joseph Zeitgeist Movement lecture in London, and are working with others in the Zeitgeist UK team to put together a high-quality video of the event. We also filmed a 35 minute interview with Peter which we are editing at the moment.

(Announced Tuesday 21st July 2009)
The July Raven and the Rose pagan networking event by will include a talk by Karen and Ian about their work over the years with Eerie Investigations. People will also have a chance to share their experiences and discuss esoteric subjects. 26th July, 7pm, the Hornbeam environmental centre, Hoe St, London E17. £3 on the door (to cover room hire costs).

(Announced Monday 1st June 2009)
We've had a busy few weeks of festivals and filming, Occulture, the Beltane Bash, and AV2 were all excellent, kudos to all those who gave their time and energy. Look for article-writeups and interviews with some of the speakers, authors, and artists soon.

(Announced Tuesday 26th May 2009)
We'll be at the Alternative View event this coming Sunday, if you are coming then let us know so that we can meet up with you in person. Tickets are available for single days and single talks - more information on tickets is available at the Booking page.

(Announced Wednesday 20th May 2009)
This weekend is the annual Beltane Bash, the popular festival organised by Jeanette Ellis whom we interviewed for our Witchcraft program. It includes a range of events, talks (including Leslie Baker), and musical performances. See www.paganfestivals.com for more information.

(Announced Tuesday 19th May 2009)
This coming Saturday, 23rd May, is the 2009 Occulture Festival. 11 hours of esoterica in London. For more information see occulture-festivals.com.

(Announced Friday 8th May 2009)
Karen is singing at the City Chorus music evening "An evening of English Music", Friday 8th May 2009 at 7:30pm, St Pancras Parish Church, NW1 2BA. Tickets are £15 on the door, collection proceeds go to the Rainbow Trust charity for children.

(Announced Tuesday 5th May 2009)
If you enjoy our programmes, then please vote for us in the 2009 Media Guardian Channel of the Year awards. Visit this page and choose "Other" and "Controversial TV (formerly known as Edge Media TV)" for the non-terrestrial channel and "Eerie Investigations" for the non-terrestrial program.

(Announced Monday 4th May 2009)
The first airing of our program about the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker airs on Sky 200 today.

(Announced Thursday 30th April 2009)
Karen's mythical artwork will be included in a new book by Fiona Murray, entitled "Messages From Nature's Guardians".

(Announced Tuesday 28th April 2009)
Our newest episodes are being screened on Edge, starting with Ian Lawton on 28th March.

(Announced Monday 13th April 2009)
If you need camera crew for your event then our team's camera-people are available for hire. We use broadcast quality HD camera equipment and are available on a day-rate. Please contact us for more information.

(Announced Saturday 11th April 2009)
Today we filmed a very interesting program with Richard Lawrence, international best-selling author, and his wife Alyson. Richard and Alyson talked about how prayer is used across the world's religions, and his new book - Prayer Energy - which talks about how people of all beliefs can re-energise their lives through prayer.

(Announced Thursday 2nd April 2009)
The team spent much of the last two days filming the events around the G20 protests, this is being cut down into a 90 minute special episode feature an interview with the organisers, footage from inside and outside the 'kettled' areas, and coverage of the memorial march on the 2nd.

(Announced Monday 23rd March 2009)
Karen is being interviewed by Russian TV on the 24th, talking about the recent MOD UFO documents and related experiences.

(Announced Thursday 19th March 2009)
Footage from the recent UK Zeitgeist movement awareness day (on Z-Day 2009) is now online - see the TV page.

(Announced Thursday 12th March 2009)
We've just completed filming an interview with Ian Lawson, author of the excellent 'The Big Book of the Soul', talking about the evidence for reincarnation.

(Announced Saturday 7th March 2009)

Our world-exclusive interview with Peter Joseph, director of Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum, is now available.
This was first aired as part of Edge Media TV's special for Zeitgeist day, March 15th 2009. Teaser clips of the interview are also on YouTube, and have had over 85,000 views in total to date.

(Announced Friday 6th March 2009)
We had a superb day today, filming at the incredible secret nuclear bunker, the deepest bunker open in the country, and where the UK's regional government HQ would have been had the cold war gone nuclear.

(Announced Sunday 22nd February 2009)
Our latest episode is now available online, Karen L French - Author of "Gateway to the Heavens" - talking about sacred geometry.

(Announced Thursday 19th February 2009)
The TV episode viewer page has had a software upgrade, please contact us if you experience any problems viewing program episodes.

(Announced Wednesday 11th February 2009)
Our latest episodes are now available for viewing online, and will be screened on Edge Media TV in early March. This includes our exclusive interview with John Hamill, director of Freemason's Hall London and a behind-the-scenes tour of the building.

(Announced Friday 30th January 2009)
The Eerie team will be at The Reality Group's Reunion event, February 8th 2009. Meeting at Hamilton Hall, London (next to the Bishopsgate entrance of Liverpool St station), 12noon-6pm. All welcome, please let us know if you are coming so that we can reserve sufficient tables.

(Announced Thursday 15th January 2009)
Yesterday we were privileged to be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of Freemasons Hall in London, home of the United Grand Lodge of England, to learn more about this amazing building, its architecture, and the history and people behind it. Look for a forthcoming program on this soon.

(Announced Thursday 8th January 2009)
A one-page guide to the Edge Media TV schedule, with our programs highlighted, is now available.
Also newly added are links to interviewee sites (and sites relevant to program content).

(Announced Monday 5th January 2009)
Our interview with Mark Cocking is scheduled for its first broadcast on Edge this Sunday 11th January at 10am.

(Announced Monday 29th December 2008)
Kathy Rowan-Drewitt is talking on BBC Radio Lancashire, on the John Gillimore show around 2pm on Tuesday 30th December.

(Announced Sunday 28th December 2008)
Our latest program, Kathy Rowan-Drewitt on Astrology and Kabbalah, is now available online.

(Announced Saturday 20th December 2008)
Forthcoming episodes due to be screened include; Mark Cocking on the global financial conspiracy, and Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton - author of Punk Science - on quantum physics and much more.

(Announced Monday 8th December 2008)
The latest series of our television program begins this week on Edge Media TV, Sky 200. Airing first will be; Mark Ballabon - Why is the Human on Earth, Kevin Rowan-Drewitt - Stone circles and ancient monuments, Prof. Chris Knight - Radical Anthropology and Reclaming the Stars, and Roy Lake - LUFOs. The programs will be repeated during December and are also viewable on our web site.

(Announced Saturday 29th November 2008)
Many thanks to Peter Joseph, director of the incredible Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum films, for making time to meet and talk with us. Our interview with Peter will be screened as part of the forthcoming Zeitgeist weekend on Edge Media TV, Sky 200, provisionally scheduled for late December 2008 or early January 2009. More information on the exact timing will be made available as soon as possible.

(Announced Saturday 22nd November 2008)
We are very pleased to announce upcoming interviews with Peter Joseph, director of Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum, and Giani Fabricio, organiser of Luminopolis (formally the Synergy Project).
Pictured below are (left to right) Lisa, Giani, Peter, Karen.

(Announced Friday 21st November 2008)
For those who don't have access to Sky, our TV program episodes are now available on this site. Use the "Television" page to view them and register for an account to see forthcoming episodes. Some episodes are only available to supporters of the site. You'll need Adobe Flash installed on your browser.

(Announced Tuesday 18th November 2008)
The Eerie team are planning to visit the Luminopolis project on Saturday 22nd November. Luminopolis is "an indoor festival, combining musicians, Djs, Vjs, performers, and artists from all corners of creativity, joined by various proactive NGO's and charities with the expressed aim to make a difference".

(Announced Monday 17th November 2008)
Yesterday we attended the launch of Why is the Human on Earth? by Mark Ballabon, who did a thoroughly enjoyable talk based on the question. Thanks to Mark and the Emin centre for their time, and for allowing us to film. Copies of the book are available via EPL Eminent Productions, and at Waterstones in Barnet.

(Announced Sunday 16th November 2008)
We've added some new functionality to the site, forum users can now login to the main site and the forum simultaneously. Logging into the site will allow access to content which isn't shown to guest users. Registration is free, use the "register" link on the left side of the page.

(Announced Saturday 15th November 2008)
The latest episodes in the current TV series have been screened on Edge Media, and will be repeated this week. As always, scheduling information is available on the Sky EPG and online at the Edge Media site.

(Announced Sunday 9th November 2008)
The first TV program of the new series will be on Edge Media, Sky 200, on Monday 10th November at 9.30am, followed by Tuesday at 5.10pm and then Friday at 9.30am.

(Announced Friday 7th November 2008)
Upcoming events that the Eerie Investigations team will be attending are; The launch of the new book 'Why is the Human on Earth' by Mark Ballabon, on Sunday 16th November 2008, 1pm, at The Centre, 1 Bath Place, Barnet EN5 5XE. We enjoyed reading this book and are look forward to interviewing the author for a forthcoming program.

(Announced Saturday 1st November 2008)
We are very pleased to announce that our Eerie Investigations television series is about to be aired on the groundbreaking Edge Media TV channel, Sky Channel 200. Edge Media will be airing our first series of programs in November, starting with Freedom not Fear on Monday 10th November at 9.30am. This will then be followed by an interview with Alan Miles on Tuesday 11th at 5.10pm, and then Mitch Herber, Turpin House, and Roy Lake.

(Announced Saturday 1st November 2008)
We've launched a revamp of our web site, and will shortly be making all of our interview footage available online, starting with our piece covering the 'Freedom not Fear 2008' day. Please help us spread the word by sharing the links with your contacts. For those who don't have broadband Internet access, copies of the DVD are available by sending us a stamped address envelope and a small donation to cover costs.

(Announced Wednesday 29th October 2008)
We are currently working on an article about angels and angel experiences. If you have any such experiences that you would be willing to share for a TV program and press article then please contact us.

(Announced Sunday 26th October 2008)
The team will be filming the 'Reclaim the Stars' event at Canary Wharf, 31st October 2008, from 5pm.

(Announced Thursday 23rd October 2008)
The Eerie Investigations team did a series of interviews at the Halloween Bash, Conway Hall. We'd like to thank all of those interviewed, in particular Jeanette Ellis of Caduceus Jewellery for allowing us to film, for her time, and for a great interview.

(Announced Saturday 18th October 2008)
Ann will be attending 3 upcoming events at Vestry Road Spiritualist Church, Walthamstow, E17. Remembrance service with Michael Redwin, November 9th, 6.30pm. Saturday 25th October 7.30pm - an evening with Michael Redwin. November 22nd 12pm to 6pm - a day of alternative therapies and readings.

(Announced Tuesday 30th September 2008)
The Eerie Investigations team will be attending and interviewing at the 2008 Halloween Bash. This annual event is on the 18th/19th October at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London, WC2 and runs from 12 noon to 8pm. The team will be attending during Sunday the 19th. See www.paganfestivals.com for more information.

(Announced Monday 29th September 2008)
Eerie Investigations went on location with the Guardian, to try and solve a mystery affecting a location in Walthamstow. The full article and report will be in the 2nd October edition of the Guardian.

(Announced Thursday 25th September 2008)
The Eerie Investigations team are working with the Guardian this coming week, look for the investigation report and article in next week's newspaper.

(Announced Thursday 14th August 2008)
Some new investigation reports are available in the members archive.

(Announced Friday 1st August 2008)
More investigation videos have been added to the members area.

(Announced Tuesday 1st July 2008)
The national archive recently placed its historical archive of UFO documents online and has made them freely available for a short period of time. They can be seen at http://www.nationalarchive.gov.uk/ufos/.

(Announced Friday 20th June 2008)
The national archive is about to place much of its historical archive of UFO related material. This includes material released by the MOD after a number of freedom of information requests. The first batch of material is due online next week.

(Announced Tuesday 15th April 2008)
The Forum software has been upgraded

(Announced Monday 17th March 2008)
We've added some new stories inside the members area, as always we welcome the submission of your stories and experiences, and are happy to "anonymise" them if necessary.

(Announced Wednesday 20th February 2008)
More past film footage is now online.

(Announced Tuesday 20th November 2007)
Karen will be selling her mythical and fantasy artwork and cards at various venues in November and December, including the Haven House Hospice on Saturday 24th.

(Announced Tuesday 6th November 2007)
Anne is involved in some upcoming events at Vestry Road Spiritualist Church, E17.
An evening of Clairvoyance with Niki Alan Sat 10th November 7.30pm. Doors open 6.30, £3 at the door.
Sunday 11th November Remembrance Service 6.30pm with a light buffet afterwards.
Saturday 24th November An Evening of Clairvoyance with Michael Redwin £3 at the door.
Saturday Alternative Day with Readings and Therapies Stalls Refreshments 1st December 12noon-6pm. £1 Raffle at the door

(Announced Thursday 20th September 2007)
The Eerie team will be attending the Epping Forest Festival, on Chingford Plains this Sunday. Come along, meet the team, and view some of our recent work.

(Announced Thursday 2nd August 2007)
Some new articles have been added to the members area.

(Announced Thursday 5th July 2007)
Updated stories, articles, photographs, and investigation news are available in the members forum.

(Announced Monday 18th June 2007)
Forum software has been updated, you may need to reset your login password

(Announced Wednesday 23rd May 2007)
Look out for the next run of "My Horror Home" on Discovery Home and Health and Discovery Realtime in June 2007.

(Announced Wednesday 28th February 2007)
A busy few months for the team has meant that we've been short of time. However we are "catching up" on our backlog of investigation reports and currently documenting our on-site work from 2006, including visits to some Essex graveyards and crypts, more haunted homes, and a rarely-accessible stately home in Essex.

(Announced Saturday 17th February 2007)
Forum and site software has been upgraded.

(Announced Tuesday 6th February 2007)
The updated story EII026 has been covered by the Guardian network of newspapers.

(Announced Friday 19th January 2007)
Look out for the next run of "My Horror Home" on Discovery Home and Health in March 2007.

(Announced Sunday 3rd December 2006)
Notes on Kelvedon Hatch and the Essex location are online.

(Announced Monday 13th November 2006)
Updated and newly added reports and data are now available in the forum and member area.

(Announced Thursday 2nd November 2006)
The team member documentation area is now available, please ask Ian if you don't have your user ID or password. Notes and work-in-progress reports should be uploaded here.

(Announced Friday 15th September 2006)
There is a team member meeting scheduled for 1st November at 19:15.

(Announced Wednesday 23rd August 2006)
The Eerie Investigations team have been visiting various new sites, and lining up investigations for the forthcoming months.

(Announced Saturday 29th July 2006)
Thanks to all of those who sent feedback about our TV program appearance, glad you all enjoyed it. If you missed it, then you can catch the repeat on the Discovery channels towards the end of August.

(Announced Sunday 23rd July 2006)
Eerie Investigations will be on the Discovery Channel this week, look for "My Horror Home" on; Discovery, Discovery Home and Health, and Discovery Home+1 on Friday 28th, 1pm and 7pm.

(Announced Friday 14th July 2006)
More Eerie Investigations contribution articles will be in the next couple of months worth of Fate/Chat magazine.

(Announced Wednesday 21st June 2006)
Our news and announcements are now available via RSS. Click on the "RSS" button on the news page to add our newsfeed to your newsreader.

(Announced Thursday 15th June 2006)
Discovery bumped the schedule back, and our TV program will be airing in the 4th week of July, as soon as we have a 100% confirmed run-date and time we'll publish it.

(Announced Sunday 28th May 2006)
The Eerie Investigations team were granted access to an Elizabethan manor house which is the subject of a historical dig and refurbishment. A full investigation of the site is being planned at present, after which we will be able to post our results and details.

(Announced Thursday 18th May 2006)
Thanks to all of those who attended the Eerie Investigations lecture at the ProBus society, we had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and greatly appreciated all of the very positive feedback and comments that we received. Slides have been made available to those whom requested them, if you attended and would like copies of the slides and handouts then please contact us.

(Announced Thursday 27th April 2006)
The Eerie Investigations team were lucky enough to meet with Alan Butler, co-author of Who Built the Moon ?. Alan has uncovered many interesting facts regarding the history and orbital mathematics of the moon, and we will be posting an interview with him at a future date.

(Announced Friday 10th March 2006)
A write-up, and details of this week's television filming are now available. The program is due to air in the early Summer of 2006.

(Announced Monday 6th March 2006)
Eerie Investigations are filming with the Discovery channel this week, as part of a television series due to be aired later in the year.

(Announced Wednesday 1st March 2006)
The next quarterly team update/planning meeting will be on Sunday 5th - Usual time, usual place.

(Announced Thursday 16th February 2006)
The Eerie Investigations team are featured in a forthcoming international magazine article due out in May/June. More information will be available once the press date has been finalised.

(Announced Friday 3rd February 2006)
Notes on the recent investigations have been transcribed, ready to go online shortly. If you haven't sent in your pictures then please do so now.

(Announced Thursday 19th January 2006)
Copies of the earlier Eerie Investigations evenings are now available to members.

(Announced Sunday 1st January 2006)
Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2006 to all Eerie Investigations team members and supporters!

(Announced Wednesday 28th December 2005)
Team news, and schedules for upcoming investigations and meetings are available on the member-news pages, along with an equipment status sheet.

(Announced Thursday 15th December 2005)
Eerie Investigations completed another two investigations and revisited the scenes of some of our previous Autumn ones. Compilations of the video footage are now available to members. The website forum software has been upgraded and some new features added.

(Announced Wednesday 7th December 2005)
The Eerie Investigations team have some forthcoming press and magazine articles scheduled for 2006, more information on these is available in the discussion forum.

(Announced Thursday 1st December 2005)
Its been a busy time for the Eerie Investigations team lately, with new members coming into the group, more investigations, and some new equipment added into our kit-list. Due to all of these, and other factors which have called on various team members' time, updates have been a bit slow as of late. But, we are working on catching up on these at present and so expect more accouncements shortly.

(Announced Sunday 20th November 2005)
There are no remaining tickets available for the two lectures mentioned below.

(Announced Wednesday 9th November 2005)
The Eerie Investigations team are performing lectures to a number of groups in 2006, including Pro-Bus and Essex UFO Studies. A small number of tickets to the latter are available, please contact us for details.

(Announced Tuesday 8th November 2005)
Anne, one of Eerie's medium team, is doing podium work (mediumship and clairvoyance demonstrations) as part of the Service of Remembrance at the Vestry Road Spiritualist Church in Walthamstow on Sunday 13th November. The evening starts from 6.30pm onwards, entrance is free (donations are accepted but optional), and there is a buffet afterwards.

(Announced Monday 7th November 2005)
Brief summaries of more 1990s and year 2000 investigations are available.

(Announced Thursday 3rd November 2005)
Recent investigations and press articles have been added to the appropriate page.

(Announced Sunday 30th October 2005)
More past investigations have been written up, coming soon are more details on our earliest investigations from the 1990s. Also, you can now sort news items by date and item description.

(Announced Wednesday 26th October 2005)
Write-ups of more recent investigations, and recent press articles are now available on our investigations and press pages.

(Announced Saturday 15th October 2005)
Write-ups of more of our recent investigations are now available on our investigations page.

(Announced Thursday 15th September 2005)
Copies of the last Eerie Investigations public paranormal discussion evening, including the UFO talk, are now available on DVD and VHS tape. Please contact us for ordering information.

(Announced Tuesday 23rd August 2005)
The Eerie Investigations team were special guests on BBC Essex's "Tea at Three" show on Monday 22nd August. A recording of the interview is now available on our press page.

(Announced Friday 12th August 2005)
Chris Martin, author of "Intruders in the night" will be attending our paranormal evening on the 13th of August, and selling signed copies of the book.

(Announced Wednesday 10th August 2005)
Roy Lake, the special guest speaker at our public paranormal evening on the 13th of August, appeared live on Sky News on Wednesday 10th August.

(Announced Monday 1st August 2005)
The Eerie Investigations team will be doing a live appearance on the Essex region of BBC Radio at 3pm on Monday 22nd August, as special guests on their "Tea at Three" spot. You can listen to the stream via the Internet or on 95.3 and 103.5FM.

(Announced Tuesday 5th July 2005)
The Eerie Investigations team will be hosting another of our popular public paranormal discussion evenings, on Saturday 13th August at
"The MS Action Centre", Unit 17, Waltham Park Way, off Billet Road, London E17 5DU (Map)

The evening will start with a talk on UFOs by long-time UFO expert Roy Lake,followed by a chance to share your own paranormal experiences and stories with us and the other participants.
Doors open at 7.15pm, and the talk starts at 7.30pm. The event will conclude at 10pm.
Entrance is £3 on the door, refreshments will be available.
Please note - the entrance to Waltham Park Way is closed at 8pm.
Car parking is available within Waltham Park Way, please ensure that you do not park on the double-yellow line sections of road. The nearest tube stations are Walthamstow Central (from where you can walk or take a 34 Bus towards the Crooked Billet Roundabout) or Blackhorse Lane (from where you can walk or take a 158 Bus towards Mcentee School). More travel options and up-to-date routes are available on the TFL journey planner.

(Announced Friday 1st July 2005)
We have just added some new facilities to the web site.
Firstly, we now have a discussion forum, where you can discuss our investigations and equipment, and the pararnormal in general. Its a free service, you just need to register for an account.
Secondly, we have added a paranormal news page, which automatically fetches paranormal-related news stories from news sites around the Internet.

(Announced Thursday 30th June 2005)
All prior news items, articles, and stories have now been archived. Investigations pages are now viewable here, and film/program footage is now available here.