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The history of Eerie Investigations

Eerie Investigations was founded in 1999, initially with the aim of investigating and documenting all things paranormal and esoteric. The founders wanted to offer a vehicle for "ordinary" people to be able to share their experiences, information, and knowledge of subjects that would otherwise not be covered by the mainstream media - using the Internet, Television, and other media.

In the early days we reported on subjects including; ghosts, ufos, angel experiences, out-of-body travel, psychic phenomena, bizarre coincidences, and many other things within the paranormal field.

In more recent years many other subjects have been coming to the surface of cultural discussion, including suppressed viewpoints, alternative health and lifestyles, the loss of privacy in our surveillance-heavy society, lack of control of personal data, financial manipulation, and living "outside of the box". We therefore expanded our coverage to include these subjects and many more.

The group was initially founded by Karen and Ian, whom were looking to use their previous paranormal and UFO experience to develop a new type of investigation. Rather than restrict our focus on one single paranormal area, we decided to remain open to the investigation of paranormal phenomena and esoteric subjects of all types.

Karen and Ian have been involved in the areas of paranormal and UFO investigation since 1995, and both previously worked with "LUFOS", the London UFO studies group.

The founders and other initial team members were joined by newer ones during 2000-2001, and the team continued to grow during 2003-8. Over time, the Eerie Investigations team has further increased in size and has been joined by; extra on-site and background researchers, still and video camera and sound operators, two resident mediums, a psycho-analyst, and a number of guest/backup mediums including specialists in the field of spirit clearance, and veteran UFO investigators and writers.

We aim to maintain a neutral and balanced approach when documenting subjects and interviewing people, avoiding taking an "editorial stance", and allowing the interviewee to take their message to viewers in the way that they intended to relay it.

When investigating paranormal subjects, we use a rational, impartial, and scientific method of investigating subjects, and work to provide clear evidential proof rather than just hearsay or obscure and subjective images. Our team includes still and motion camera operators whom are highly experienced in filming and film/image analysis, members experienced in investigating the paranormal, and individuals whom are well-versed in the areas of mediumship, clairsentience, and psychometry. When investigating paranormal subjects, We only post material on our site which we believe to be of a parnormal nature and dismiss the majority of our recorded material unless it has successfully passed through full audio and image analysis and we have ruled out all possible natural causes. However our full library of audio, video, and still images spanning ten years of research is available to accredited organisations.

We are a non-profit making group and are self-funded, supplemented by donations from readers.

We use a variety of equipment during our investigations and in the production of our television programmes.