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Eerie Investigations are a London-based non-profit group and project who produce interview-format documentary television programmes covering a range of esoteric subjects.

The goal of our project is to produce programmes which span a range of subjects not typically covered by the mainstream media. To date this has included subjects ranging from Anthropology and Astronomy, through Dowsing and the History of Stone Circles, to modern cultural politics, social change, and the privacy of personal information. We believe that modern television has gradually degraded in intellectual quality, and seek to provide an alternative stream of edutainment.

The interviewees in our programs are knowledgeable experts in their field, many of whom have written books, or lecture, or have science and/or medical degrees. Our work is made freely available via the Internet, via our web site, www.eerieinvestigations.com, and was screened on Controversial TV (aka Edge Media TV) across the UK and Europe.

We have been producing programmes for a number of years, and Edge have been screening them repeatedly since 2008, in fact one of our programmes is screened almost every day of the week.

Within the last nine months we have managed to; gain the exclusive worldwide first and second TV interview with Peter Joseph - director of Zeitgeist - which currently receives over 1000 views a day on the Internet, film the first full on-camera tour behind-the-scenes of Freemason's Hall in London, and complete a piece of the history of Jack the Ripper which we believe is far more human than any created previously. Organisers of social-change events such as the "Alternative G-20" and "Reclaim the Stars" have provided us with interviews as the sole media coverage. The unique access which many of these interviewees have given us is a testimony to the good reputation which we have built up, and the trust which interviewees place in us.

To date we have been self-funded, and have covered all costs for; equipment, travel, and ancillary costs ourselves. However, the need to do this, as well as to continue with full-time work to fund the project and our own living costs means that we are very limited as to the amount of time we can spend on the project. It also restricts our geographic range and means that we cannot cover travel expenses for ourselves or interviewees, again restricting the range of people to whom we have access.

The project is actively seeking a sponsor whom could cover the costs of running it full-time for a minimum of one year. This would allow us to produce more output, provide access to a greater range of interviewees, and cover more subjects. It would also mean that we could improve the technical quality of our work, opening up the possibility of selling output to other commercial broadcast stations and thereby moving towards self-sustainment without additional financing.

The ideal sponsor would be an individual or group interested in the subject material, that agreed with our core goals, and most importantly that had no desire to exert editorial control nor to orient our material and work towards any particular subject or viewpoint.

The team comprises a number of voluntary members who provide as much time and effort as they can afford, this includes; editors, camera/sound technicians, researchers, and logistal support. However it is headed by two people, Ian and Karen, who founded the group .

Ian is a life-long IT technician who has always had an interest in the esoteric and in video technology. In order to develop Eerie Investigations he took a year out and formally qualified in Short Video Production at the famous Waltham Forest college where Peter Greenway and others learned their trade. Ian is the lead technical person for the project, and manages production, post-production, and logistics.

Karen left her job as a qualified science laboratory technician to develop Eerie Investigations along with Ian. Karen leads the research team, sourcing interviewees and dealing with production planning, as well as being the lead interviewer.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions which you may have regarding sponsorship possibilities. Full sponsorship proposals and background information are available on request.