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Our television series was screened on Edge Media TV which broadcast across the UK and Europe through the Sky satellite platform. Unfortunately Edge Media/Controversial TV ceased broadcasting in 2013, our library of programmes can be made available to other satellite channels - please contact us for more information.

Many are also viewable here and on our YouTube channel.

Episodes can also be viewed here. Use the arrow icons or mousewheel to select an episode from the scrolling list above and then click on the episode title to view it. You will require Adobe Flash to view the videos.

Programmes produced after 2009 can be viewed on our YouTube channel

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TitleDurationDescriptionWidescreen?Available to

Series 1 intro titles0m:41sThe introduction titles from Series 1 of our television program.No (4:3)
Series 1 outro credits0m:43sThe closing credits and titles from Series 1 of our television program.No (4:3)
Freedom not Fear 200824m:05sThe Eerie Investigations team visit the "Freedom Not Fear 2008" rally, and Karen Frandsen interviews; organisers, group representatives, and attendees about their concerns over the modern surveillance culture.No (4:3)
Alan Miles23m:45sKaren interviews Alan Miles, psychic and archaeologist, about items he discovered North of London, and his theories regarding an early prehistoric race who may have lived in the area.No (4:3)
Mitch23m:08sWe interview Mitch about his UFO experiences, and subsequent development of psychic skills.No (4:3)
Winston Churchill7m:47sAn interview with the owners of what was once the offices of Winston Churchill, where they tell us about the strange phenomena that they have experienced there.No (4:3)
Turpin House9m:17sKaren interviews the owner of Turpin House, the grounds of which contain a cave believed to at one time be the dwelling place of Dick Turpin, the infamous highwayman.No (4:3)
The Halloween Bash, 200852m:20sThe team visit the annual Halloween Bash pagan festival, interview Jeanette Ellis (the organiser) and others, and learn about the history of modern paganism.No (4:3)

Series 2 intro titles0m:41sThe introduction titles from Series 2 of our television program.No (4:3)
Series 2 outro credits0m:43sThe closing credits and titles from Series 2 of our television program.No (4:3)
Roy Lake45m:54sKaren interviews Roy Lake, chairman of London UFO studies group, and talks with him about his 50-year history within the field of UFOlogy and how the subject has changed over the years.No (4:3)
Mark Ballabon45m:36sKaren interviews Mark Ballabon, author and natural philosopher at the launch of his new book "Why is the Human on Earth" and they discuss this subject and much more.No (4:3)
Chris Knight42m:24sWe interview Chris Knight, Professor of anthropology, about his work with the Radical anthropology group and his campaign to "Reclaim the stars" from light-pollution by getting corporate buildings to turn out their lights at night.No (4:3)
Kevin Rowan-Drewitt44m:10sWe meet with Kevin Rowan-Drewitt, lecturer on Stonehenge, standing stones and the stone circles of Cumbria. Kevin tells us about his work on these subjects and reveals that Solstice celebrators may actually be standing in the wrong place !No (4:3)
Mark Cocking1h:4m:40sKaren interviews Mark Cocking, financial writer/researcher, and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, to discuss his theories about the true reasons for the world financial crisis and the conspiracy behind the global banking system.No (4:3)

Series 3 intro titles0m:41sThe introduction titles from Series 3 of our television program.No (4:3)
Series 3 outro credits0m:43sThe closing credits and titles from Series 3 of our television program.No (4:3)
Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton48m:18sKaren interviews Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, author of "Punk Science" and rebel scientist. We discuss quantum physics, black holes, atoms, and Manjir's work and theories - which put the soul back into science.No (4:3)
Kathy Rowan-Drewitt49m:25sWe meet Kathy Rowan-Drewitt, lecturer in Astrology and Kabbalah and esoteric teacher, to learn more about the history and science of Astrology, and its links to Kabbalah and many other mystical teachings.No (4:3)
Leslie Baker44m:14sKaren Frandsen interviews Leslie Baker, lecturer in dowsing and other subjects, and we learn how the principle of pendulum dowsing works and talk about its use in the ancient and modern worlds.No (4:3)
Freemason's Hall1h:14m:15sKaren meets John Hamill, Director of Communications at United Grand Lodge of England. We learn more about Freemasonry and its history and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Freemason's Hall in London.No (4:3)
Andre Price45m:01sWe meet Andre Price, historian and Ripperologist. Andre tells us about the history of the 'Jack the Ripper' murders, the mystery and conspiracy ideas behind them, and takes us on a guided tour of the infamous murder locations.No (4:3)
Mark Cocking (second interview)1h:28m:12sWe again meet with Mark Cocking, researcher on financial and esoteric subjects, and discuss; monatomic gold, cosmic ordering, mystical geometry, sacred numbers, the Philadelphia experiment, and much more.No (4:3)
K.L. French48h:26sKaren Frandsen interviews Karen L French, author of "Gateway to the Heavens" ("How simple shapes mould reality and the fabric of your being"). Karen talks about her work on the subject of Sacred Geometry, and explains how simple geometric shapes reoccur through history and shape our culture.No (4:3)
Jeanette Ellis1h:17m:33sWe meet Jeanette Ellis, author of "Forbidden Rites" and lecturer on Witchcraft. Jeanette tells us about the history of traditional British witchcraft. Then we visit the area of Mistely, where the self-appointed 'Witchfinder General' Matthew Hopkins led the persecution of witches in southern England.No (4:3)
Ian Lawton1h:02m:39sWe meet with Ian Lawton, author of "The Big Book of the Soul" to learn more about; the 'interlife', reincarnation, Ian's books on rational spirituality, and much more.Yes (16:9)
Zeitgeist Day 200933m:57sThe team attend the Zeitgeist Day awareness event, held on March 15th 2009 outside the BBC offices in London. Karen interviews organisers and attendees and we discuss why the Zeitgeist films are so important to them.Yes (16:9)
The Karma Panel1h:0m:17sKaren hosts a group discussion with Leslie Baker, Karen French, and Mark Ballabon, covering the subject of "Karma"Yes (16:9)
Richard Lawrence, Prayer Energy48m:38sKaren Frandsen meets international best-selling author Richard Lawrence, and learns how people of all religions and beliefs can re-energise their lives through the power of prayer.Yes (16:9)
G20 Protests 20091h:28m:25sThe team attend the G20 protests and Climate Camp, we talk to organisers and attendees about why they were motivated to attend the largest protest seen in London for many yearsYes (16:9)
The Secret Nuclear Bunker55m:59sWe visit the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, the UK's deepest cold-war bunker and regional UK HQ - from where the South-East may have been run in the event of a nuclear attack.Yes (16:9)

Series 4 Intro Titles0m:41sThe introduction titles from Series 4 of our television programYes (16:9)
Boudicca and the Iceni36m:42sAlan Miles and Kevin Rowan-Drewitt join us to talk about the history of BoudiccaYes (16:9)
Rohan Bedford - The Life of Water42m:52sKaren Frandsen meets Rohan Bedford, life researcher, to learn about; the lifegiving properties of water, the technology of Nikola Tesla, and much more.Yes (16:9)
Butterfly World22m:38sWe interview; Clive Farrell, Emilia Fox, and Sir David Bellamy at the launch of Butterfly World, a conservation project which aims to help reverse the decline of butterflies in the UKYes (16:9)
The Venus Project53m:54sKaren interviews Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows from "The Venus Project", to learn about their vision of a new and improved society free from the issues caused by the monetary system.Yes (16:9)
Fiona Murray53:25Karen Frandsen interviews Fiona Murray - author of 'Messages from Nature's Guardians' about her writings and communication with the earth, its guardians, elemental spirits, angels, and fairiesYes (16:9)
Piers Corbyn42:40Karen Frandsen speaks with Meteorologist and Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn. They discuss weather prediction through Solar Sunspot activity, climate change and its causes, HAARP, chemtrails, green politics, and much moreYes (16:9)

'My Horror Home'11m:17sThe episode of "My Horror Home" from 2005 which followed our team while we investigated a haunted property in Essex.No (4:3)

Chris Coverdale 110m:59sA short piece-to-camera with Chris Coverdale from Make Wars History, for www.makewarshistory.org.ukYes (16:9)
David Bellamy6m:13sAn interview with David Bellamy at the launch of the Butterfly World project in St AlbansYes (16:9)
Emila Fox7m:10sAn interview with actress Emilia Fox at the launch of the Butterfly World project in St AlbansYes (16:9)
Clive Farrell3m:58sAn interview with lepidologist Clive Farrell at the launch of the Butterfly World project in St AlbansYes (16:9)
Is this a "Rod" ?0m:45sB-Roll footage of Epping Forest taken for our Bouddica program. Note the high-speed object which traverses the screen at around 250ft/sec - a Rod ?Yes (16:9)

'Roy Lake on Sky TV'6m:18sRoy Lake being interviewed on Sky News, and covering his work with the Eerie Investigations team.No (4:3)

Eerie Investigations Promo 17m:12sAn introduction to our group with a profile and history of our work.No (4:3)
Eerie Investigations Promo 210m:16sA second introduction to our group with a profile and history of our work.No (4:3)
Eerie Investigations Trailer 11m:06s The trailer for series 4 of our programmeNo (4:3)
Karen's artwork advert1m:29sKaren's TV advert for her artworkNo (4:3)

Outtakes6m:18sWe don't always get it right ...No (4:3)
Karen and Doctor Riboh1m:03sKaren and Doctor Riboh at the G20 anti-brutality marchYes (16:9)