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Eerie Investigations - background information

Eerie Investigations was founded in 1999. Our goal has always been to share information and knowledge of subjects that would otherwise not be covered by the mainstream media, by use of; the Internet, television, radio and online video. Our work has been covered in local and national press and included in books and a variety of newspapers and magazines. As well as producing documentaries, the team have taken part in radio and television programmes, and performed lectures.

The background profiles of some of the Eerie Investigation team members are provided below.


Karen is a qualified science laboratory technician, and has worked as a lab tech and teaching assistant.

She is Eerie Investigations' lead-interviewer and researcher, and also works on video post-production.

Karen started Eerie Investigations along with Ian.

When not working on Eerie Investigations, Karen paints portrait and mythical artwork and teaches young artists.


Ian is the team's technical, IT and camera specialist. He is a qualified video and sound technician and post-production editor, and provides technical and logistical support to the group as well as performing camera and editing work.

He writes film scripts and technical articles and directs fiction and non-fiction video programmes, and uses these skills to assist with interview and program segments, scripts and dialogue.

Ian also does filming work for a number of non-profit/NGO organisations.

 Christopher Martin

Chris is a highly experienced film and television professional, with a long CV covering; television, film, music video, and many other types of media production. He also has a long history of work within the field of Ufology, and has published books and DVDs covering the subject. Ian and Chris co-film and co-edit Eerie Investigation's video work.

 Jason Bird

Jason assists on filming and production. He is also a radio producer and presenter and has his own show on StreetLife FM which broadcasts across East London and the surrounding area.

Content contributors
Neal Pleasance Design
Our logos and on-screen graphics are created by Neal Pleasance Design
Mark Cocking

Our theme music was composed by Mark Cocking and Rod Giles.

Other team members
The team also includes a number of other individuals who assist with; research, production, editing, and still photography.