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"Eerie" - "Suggestive of the esoteric, and mysterious"


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Eerie Investigations investigate and document alternative views and esoteric subjects.

Eerie Investigations was founded in 1999, to share information and knowledge of subjects that would otherwise not be covered by the mainstream media, by using the Internet, television, and online video. Our television programmes were screened on Edge Media TV across Europe, and many are also viewable online.

In the early days we reported on topics including; ghosts, ufos, angel experiences, out-of-body travel, psychic phenomena, bizarre coincidences, and many other things within the paranormal field.

In more recent years many other subjects have been coming to the surface of cultural discussion, including suppressed viewpoints, alternative health and lifestyles, creative art, ecology, our climate's change cycles, the loss of privacy in our surveillance-heavy society, lack of control of personal data, financial manipulation, and living "outside of the box". We therefore expanded our coverage to include these subjects and many more.

If you are involved in alternative subjects, viewpoints, theories, therapies, philosophies, art forms, or or any type of area which is not covered by the mainstream press, then we'd love to hear from you and work with you on-camera.

We aim to produce programmes which are interviewee-led, without taking an editorial angle, so that your message or cause is covered in the way that you want it to be. Our interviewees have included; artists, authors, philosophers, social cause groups and event/festival organisers.

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