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Our television series was screened on Edge Media TV which broadcast across the UK and Europe through the Sky satellite platform. Unfortunately Edge Media/Controversial TV ceased broadcasting in 2013, our library of programmes can be made available to other satellite channels - please contact us for more information.

Many are also viewable here and on our YouTube channel.

Episodes can also be viewed here. Use the arrow icons or mousewheel to select an episode from the scrolling list above and then click on the episode title to view it. You will require Adobe Flash to view the videos.

Programmes produced after 2009 can be viewed on our YouTube channel

Video episodes are the copyrighted intellectual property of Eerie Investigations and may not be uploaded to other web sites, video sharing sites, peer-to-peer networks, nor reproduced in any other format without prior written permission. But please free free to link to this page from your own web site.

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